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Tuition Agreement

Tuition Agreement 2018


Lessons at the Teacher’s home will be charged at the rate of:

£30 per 45 minutes 

Lessons may take place at the student’s home in special circumstances.  Travel costs will apply.


Tuition will be given during school terms only.

School term dates are adhered to as listed on the Cambridgeshire County Council website:

Lessons will only take place on public holidays or in school holidays by prior agreement.

Rescheduled lessons

At least 24 hours’ notice must be given for any changes in time to any lesson.

Scheduled lessons which the Student does not attend without this notice will be charged.

The Teacher may be obliged to cancel a scheduled lesson.  In this case one of the following options will be made available:

(i) arrange a replacement lesson / (ii)  carry a lesson forward / (iii) issue a refund

Termination of tuition

The Agreement supersedes any previous agreement and will remain in force continuously from month to month.  Either signatory may terminate the Agreement by giving at least one month’s notice.

Student’s Responsibilities

The Student must have access to a suitable instrument, which is properly maintained, on which to practise. The Student should purchase appropriate music scores as recommended by the Teacher for use in lessons.  The Student will have all necessary materials for each lesson as detailed in the weekly Practice notes.

Examinations, competitions and public performances

The Student may be entered for examinations, competitions or public performances but only with the prior consent of both the Teacher and the Student (or the Student’s parent or guardian).

The Teacher will write a Report each academic year detailing the Student’s progress.  An action plan will then be discussed with the Student and Student’s parent / guardian for future lessons.


When this Agreement has been signed by both the Teacher and the Student or, if the Student is under 18 years of age, the Student’s parent or guardian, it will constitute a legally binding contract between the signatories.


Tuition Agreement 2018